Monday, November 26, 2007


Saw this list of traditions and felt inspired to make up my own. I've been doing this mentally for the last week or so but am glad to get it down, I'll add more as I think of them. Some are new for us and others are not. One new thing is our advent box, with little doors for the kids to open each day. I plan to put in candies and little toys (dollar store finds) plus events: movie nights, popcorn balls with Mammie and hopefully one snow day. They are already super excited, knowing something is going to appear in those spots. I'm pretty excited too.

Here's a few traditions we look forward to enjoying as a family:
decorating the tree, with hot chocolate and Christmas music
looking at lights (again, with hot chocolate)
making gingerbread houses with the kids
a marathon baking day (with the kids, crazy I know!)
having friends and family (plus neighbors) over throughout the season
chicken wings and onion soup on Christmas eve (with my parents too!)
sledding or doing a sleigh ride at Sunriver
and mostly, enjoying a slow paced season with time to do the things we want and love to do.

Looking forward to enjoying and creating new traditions with the family.

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