Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So, Zac said he would have frosted them and that I had the patience of a saint....not so sure about that but we did create some very sprinkled cookies the other night. Despite a bit of frustration (Cayden stop licking the sprinkles off the tray, stop eating the cookies-we'll have none to frost, stop trying to shake the sprinkles of your hands and in the process spreading them all over the kitchen....) we did have fun and a very big mess to clean up after.

Notice Aida feeling left out in the background....

now happy...

and happier...

Even though it can be frustrating to do something like this with three busy kids it's important to me. It's important to create and encourage these traditions. My mom (by her own admission) is not a big baker but I have precious memories of being the kitchen with her and my sister around the holidays. I honestly don't remember everything we baked but I remember the time spent; the messes, the laughing and the happy feeling that comes from being together. I can remember one year when I was much older frosting cookies with my sister after she had moved out; I don't know what we were talking about but I remember we were laughing (and consuming lots of frosting and those poor unfortunate broken cookies, hey, someone has to eat those!). We were laughing hard enough to have frosting come out of our noses; now, I know this sounds gross but it's a great memory in my mind. That is why I continue to do things like this with the kids, not so we can shoot frosting out of our noses but so they can be part of happy memories. Because it's in moments like that that life is shared, discussions are had, secrets told. I want to be there in the midst of that for the kids. It's in these connections that they learn they are a part of something bigger, not just because that's what you do during Christmas but because it's what we do. Someday they may not care or get excited about all the traditions we take part in, but this year they are caught up in the wonder of it all and I plan on enjoying every minute of it while I can. They won't always be young enough to believe in Santa-I will cherish it (and the messes) while it lasts.

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