Friday, January 18, 2008

a day in pictures

Good morning, humble breakfast muffin. This whole wheat goodie has dried fruit and banana, plus wheat bran. It's a very yummy way to start the day, a very versatile recipe allowed me to substitute soy milk for the yogurt without any difference in taste or texture

Happy 18 months old, my little baby who is not so much of a baby anymore. Incidentally, she had just finished singing Mimi "Happy Birthday" over the phone. My, my, how did this little farmer grow so fast?

Every Friday it's the same thing: pick up one beaming boy, who just received his prize box treat and has a hand full of cool school papers for me to be amazed at. Since he started preschool he has made tremendous strides in writing, reading a few words by sight and counting. Most importantly, his behavior is much improved and he learns a new memory verse every week.

Had some lunch with the "bad guys, grrrrrr." They're pretty tough, aren't they?

Then there's this, sweet naptime-which we actually shared together snuggled on the couch while Levi fought epic battles between the knights and the pirates. Gotta love Playmobile, hours of fun-millions of little baby chocking hazards.

Finally hung stuff on the hallway upstairs, was going to wait to paint but couldn't stand it anymore. The painting will just have to wait.

Nothing like a daddy pillow when he comes home from work, I can honestly say this is the highlight of the day for all.

Prayers at dinnertime, well, during dinner time for this one. She felt she needed to stop and hold dad's hand for one more prayer. Love that.

Desert, yes-fancy cups and cool whip make Jello very special. But not so much for a little girl who must be watching her waistline. "No, no" she kept saying as she offered everyone else a bite.

Happy Friday, happy weekend.

Now, gotta watch Jack.


  1. Gina,
    I love this idea. Very cute. You have such a great touch. I am thinking the kids are maybe getting better. But now I feel bad. Selah seems a bit stuffy today too. I do want to get together. Maybe bay Saturday - if we are better. We could take Selah and Cayden to chatterbeans? Or do you need to stay at the b-day party? What time will you be in town? I do have Micah's basketball game from 10am - 12am. I also want to come by your house to check out all you new creations. I love all you are adding. Love ya friend!

  2. Sorry for all those mistakes. LOL... I must be sick. Should read "Maybe by Saturday" and it's 12pm.....Yikes!


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