Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thursday gratitudes, the Saturday edition

"Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation." Psalm 68:19

Been thinking lately about burdens and blessings (or benefits). In a different translation this Psalm reads, "Blessed be the Lord who daily bears our burdens." Now, I know that burdens aren't really anything to be thankful for. In fact most of us will grumble about our burdens, sometimes rightly so. But here the psalmist tells us that God will bear our burdens and even load us with benefits in the midst of them.

It's a guarantee that life will have it's share of burdens, but if we are walking in God's will we can know that the burdens we bear hold a specific purpose for our lives. God has allowed them for some reason. It's time to start viewing our burdens from a different perspective and start seeing them as opportunities for benefits.

In the season of unemployment we had our share of burdens. In a season of starting and growing our own business, we still have our share of burdens. But here's the cool part, for every burden we've experienced we've also seen some sort of benefit. I guess it's all about perspective here; asking God to help us view things from his perspective, not from our own narrow point of view.

When we had the burden of fear and anxiety, God gave us peace. When we've felt lost and overwhelmed, God gave us wisdom. When there wasn't enough to pay all of our bills, unexpected money came in. For every burden we've seen some sort of blessing or benefit.

You see, without walking through the burdens we would not be able to look at our troubles from the other side of them. We sometimes struggle to see what God is up to, but when we pass through them we can see with greater perspective and clarity. We can see our God as provider of all that we need, and I'm not just talking finances here.

So, today let's all look at our burdens as an opportunity for God to work. Sometimes he removes your burden, sometimes he gives you the grace to endure your burden. Either way, his perspective is always better. If we ask him, he'll help us to have the right perspective.

We just need to keep looking up.

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