Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Go, Levi, go!

What do you notice about this?

Yep, no training wheels and no dad running along with him. He got it today, just jumped on and took off. Started all by himself. He's been gingerly working up to this for awhile now, so glad he found success today. Proud of him for being persistent, working through his fear of falling and not giving up.

I gotta say, I had a few tears in my eyes as he sped down the street.

I'm sure you can guess what he's been doing ever since.

Then there's this picture.

Our sweet baby on the front page of the local newspaper. This was taken during the Fourth of July parade, she's sitting with a friend of ours on our church's float. We are loving the small town feeling of living here, one of those cool things is taking part in the parade. The kid's loved riding on the float, I did too.

Happy Wednesday.

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