Thursday, August 14, 2008

been too busy playing... blog.

Summer's winding down; we spent an amazing time at summer camp with some amazing youth this past week. And now we're just relishing the last days of summer. This year the start of school really means something around here, number 1 will be starting kindergarten. So that means we need to play, take advantage of the time we've got. Oh, then there's the Olympics.
So, I've been trying to just be. Be as a mom, be as a homemaker, be as a wife. And really, in the midst of the playing I just haven't had much to say. It's an interesting place when God does things deep in you, causes you to shut your mouth once in a while. While I've been busy being quiet I've also been busy being, reflecting, watching, living and hopefully growing.
Sometimes being quiet makes it easier for God to do stuff in you. One thing he's teaching me is to be okay with where he has me in life. Well, it's more than being okay with it but embracing it and savoring the season I'm in.
Oh, and I got a new bike-I think that's pretty cool.
So, I haven't really been blogging, haven't hardly taken any pictures or scrapbooked them. But I've doing other stuff, good stuff. If things are quiet around here lately then you know why. I'm just too busy playing or riding or being. Enjoying it all. Hope you are too.

We'll catch up in a few weeks.

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  1. i agree, sometimes life is happening, so it's time to put the blog on the back burner.
    I'm trying to remember......have we chatted before? Because I grew up in Central Oregon (Redmond) and I chatted with someone a few months ago......but I'm not sure if it was you. :)
    Thanks for entering the giveaway


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