Sunday, August 17, 2008

rambling about the ramble (and other stuff)

So, yep-we've been busy but I just couldn't help but share the pictures of our weekend adventures around here.

My parents were here visiting so we decided to do something a little different. We took part in Oregon's shortest fun run. The Rockchuck Ramble. No kidding-327 yards around one city block. According the guy in charge, "cause after that it's not fun anymore."

It was a hoot, really a good time. The whole point was to have fun-which we did despite the 105 temp outside. I don't think I really felt hot until we were done, then the sweat started rolling-from everywhere to everywhere-ick.

Levi ran with me, and he really ran. The whole way-he was loving it and didn't like getting passed by the girls, see him looking at them here. He got fire in his eyes and then picked up the pace big time. Zac was behind us with Aida in backpack and Mimi next to him. Grampie was up ahead pushing Cayden in the jogger. Lots of fun here-cool to see families out and people of all ages and abilities running along too.

Do we look sweaty? Did I mention it was hot-so hot it was a new record? Yep, that hot. Really. Really. Hot.

Then today, another hot one. Our wonderful home, which we love, was not so lovely today. It was a balmy 82 inside when we got home from church. That was downstairs, and this being Oregon we have no AC.
So off we went in search of adventure. With water and a cool breeze. We were feeling pretty hopeful.
We loaded up and headed out for Scout Lake-about forty five minutes away. We got there with everyone excited to hit the water, we tumbled out of the van and had just started lathering on the sunscreen when the thunder rolled. Well, not just rolled but boomed and rattled and opened up the heavens.
Yes, it rained. Well, it poured and thundered and poured some more. So we hung out in the van, ate Cheetos and waited. And waited. And waited some more.

Finally, we devised plan B. Grab a movie and eat only cold foods at home, we dreamt of all the cold foods we could eat all the way home.
Since we couldn't have a picnic at the lake we brought the picnic to the living room. And the best part was that the kids thought it was an awesome day. Gotta love a good attitude.

We rounded out the day with a bubble bath in the kids' little plastic pool in the backyard. Even the dog joined in. I'll spare you the pictures on that one. I'll just say that I'm sure the neighbors are grateful that the kids are so cute and little, romping through the backyard in all their glory. I'm sure you get the idea.
Hope you've had a great weekend, hopefully a bit cooler than ours.

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