Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today times are troubling. We read today about a financial bailout for our beleaguered economy and we hear words like recession and even depression. Then there's the increase in gas prices and just about everything else. How do we sort it all out? As a Christ follower, how do I respond to all of this?

I know I don't have any answers to our country's troubles, I also know it does no good casting blame or analyzing how we got here in the first place. All I know is that right now it is time to pray and time not to worry. In his book, The Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster talks about studying current events with the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other. As I did that this morning two verses came to mind. Ecclesiastes 1:9 says that there is nothing new under the sun and Matthew 6 instructs us not to worry. Verse 27 of this chapter says, "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"

Now is the time to make a choice to pray and not worry. Pray for our financial issues of course, but also for our country in general. We need God. We are to pray as Daniel did in Daniel 9:20. We see here a model of how to intercede on behalf of our country. In this verse Daniel was "...praying, confessing (his) sin and the sin of (his) people Israel and making (his) request to the Lord (his) God." He started with himself and his own sins and then turned outward to his country. As we read on in that chapter, as he prayed an answer was given. (See Daniel 9:23)

Today, let's do as Daniel did. Let's pray as our country as Moses did for his. There is more going on here than a financial crisis. We need God's help. Today I'll be asking for it. Would you join me?

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