Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Dress Up

The spookiest thing so far this Halloween is that I got them all out on the front lawn on a blustery day for some pictures!

The annual Halloween dilemma is that's it too dark for pictures once every one's in their costumes, so this year I thought we'd think ahead, for once.

Anakin Skywalker, designed by dad and hastily sewn together by a non-sewing mom. The only thing that matters is that he LOVES it and I'm pretty sure it won't fall apart, tonight. Tomorrow? Well, that's another story.

And yep, you heard me right-designed by dad. Isn't he the coolest? My non-sewing brain couldn't figure out how to pull this one off. I knew I couldn't rely on my old hot glue standby, I can't very well hot glue it to his little body, now can I? So my sweet man designed this baby. I can only take credit for slapping the thing together.
He was feeling pretty photogenic and was more than willing to show off his costume, I think he's trying to "force" something here. Isn't he a hoot!
This one was not so willing to cooperate, she sure didn't want to wear the Care Bear head, but she also wanted a little princess fluff too. Why not? Purple and lime green go great together, and when your cute and two you can easily pull off any self designed costume. She headed right inside for a cookie after this, thank goodness one shot is all it took!

And it was a bit cold and windy for this fairy princess, she's outta here-heading for the front door (and a cookie). I'm sure there will be no small amount of layering going on tonight, as to avoid a frost-bitten fairy princess!

Happy Halloween, stay safe and warm tonight!

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