Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Garland, take two

Inspired from the success of the living room garland, I took off for the kitchen in hopes of working the same magic there. Armed with loads of garland, some wire and cutters, pine cones, berries and unbreakable ornaments (and a few "helpers") I got to work.

Since we don't have a curtain rod here I just tied the garland around the top part of blinds, the one that attaches them to the window frame. I would have taken a picture but that would have required more hands and my "helpers" were busy splashing in the kitchen sink.

So I wired the ornaments with floral wire to twist around the garland.
And I couldn't find white berries so I spray painted a fall wreath I found on clearance.
And then I hung it all up and stuck and stuffed all the stuff in.
Then it was done.
Well, it wasn't really that simple, on account of my "helpers." A small flood and lots of messes slowed me down considerably. I would have taken a picture but they were busy playing in their My Little Pony panties. I do want them to be okay with me in their teenage years, so I'll just tell you about the silly things they do.
Oh, and one thing I learned: just use the floral wire to wire the pine cones in. Every time I open or close the blinds I get pelted by pine cones. It kind of hurts.


  1. This turned out lovely. You did a fantastic job, even with all the "help". I also love your stenciled phrase above the window. It's a great reminder.

  2. So pretty! Green is my favorite color and I love the green bulbs and white berries! :-)

  3. It was so worth it! Very lush and full!

  4. Oh I love your garland. It's so lush and pretty. Absolutely adorable!

  5. I love your wall and your garland! You cracked me up about the pine cones hitting you in the head! I usually do it the easiest way first too!
    Merry Christmas!

    (Please ignore the gecko photo -- my son uses this account. LOL!)

  6. pelted by pincones...that is so true. Wire them in for sure. Your garland looks fabulous.

  7. You definitely succeeded in working your magic again! Your garland is BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Your garland is great, but I really like your wall sticker.


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