Monday, December 15, 2008

A Waiting Place

The kids and I love to pick up Christmas books at the library, we find a stack and pour through them and often times I find myself marveling at the truth these sweet little books reveal.
One of our recent finds was no exception. It was about a little owl who was waiting, in fact he was filled with a waiting feeling inside of him. Then a star comes to visit and takes him on a journey. They travel past the wise men, past the shepherds and past the angels. They stop by a small stable and the owl comes inside and finds a baby. A sweet, happy, sleeping baby. As the owl is admiring this little one, he wakes up and looks at the owl. Their eyes meet and in that moment the owl's waiting place was filled. Peace seems to settle over him, in fact it settles over all who were that for that moment.

It got me thinking about my waiting place. We all have one. It's a place of longing that only God can fulfill because he made us for him. We were made for more than this life can offer. Sometimes we don't recognize that longing, sometimes we ignore it, sometimes we try to fill it with other things. But I bet if we were honest we might admit that when we really think about it, the other things never fill the waiting feeling.

The feelings the little owl had took him on a journey and he found an answer for that waiting. His answer was in the newborn Christ. I find lately that God is drawing me closer, reminding me that in him only I can find all that I need. During this season I find myself thinking about how easy it is to ignore that waiting feeling, replace it with busyness or duty. But yet, it still lingers. In the quiet hours of my day I hear it. I hear him whisper: "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving kindness."

He is drawing us, let's not lose sight of him. He can fill the waiting place, all we have to do is seek him. Look for him in the details, in the mundane things. Find inspirational Christmas music. This one by Todd Agnew is my new favorite. Take a break, go for a walk in fresh snow with the intent of listening to him. He is always speaking, we just need to make ourselves aware of it. Ask him to reveal himself. Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Isaiah 55:6

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  1. Oh, I love this! And what is the name of that story? I want to read it to my kiddos!

  2. Sarah Mae, it's called Little Owl and the Star: A Christmas Story. It's by Mary Murphy, it's short but I love the message. My kids love the pictures too.

  3. That is soo good. So true. And we will keep flying around, almost aimlessly, until we find that place. Well, it won't be so aimless so long as we keep in the Word for direction. It is so neat to see what different places he has for each of us, based on our individuality - though we are the same, we are different. Each person God's likeness.


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