Saturday, January 17, 2009

Adventure Saturday

The day started off icy with freezing fog. With lunch in the car, off we went to the High Desert Museum. Spent a few hours wandering through the exhibits, wishing the otter and the bobcat were awake.

The it was off to Dairy Queen for some soft serve (swirled, please). And we headed to REI and a few other spots. Found a deal on new running shoes (good-bye sore knees) and a great coat.

Home for breakfast dinner, baths and bed. Had about five tantrums along the way today (give or take a few). Everyone had a great day. We love adventure Saturday, so good to get out and explore.

This was the scene on the way home. And we did stop on the side of road to check out the freeze. Pretty stuff.


  1. The photos of the ice are amazing! I'm in awe! It's so beautiful!

  2. Sounds like a fun day . . . and only 5 tantrums between 3 kids, that's only 1.66 each! The snow is beautiful, but I'm glad I'm in California where is was about 70 today!

  3. Well, yes 5 tantrums between the kids-the grown ups did okay. Oh, and then there was one trip for miss middle to the van for a bit of discipline...REI really does the kids in!


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