Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Beautiful (but sore) Life

Aren't I silly? I think I just stumbled upon some great truth today.

Well, let me back up a bit.

Here's how it all started. It snowed today, about six inches all day long. That meant my hopes for my regular Sunday treat, a long run, were slowly getting buried under a pile of white stuff. Pretty, but not so fun for running-especially with it blowing sideways and all. So, I did what I normally do when the weather keeps me from lacing up my new shiny shoes. I popped in a TaeBo video. Yes people, I said video. I picked it up at Goodwill a while back, after my old video (yes, you heard right) bit the dust. Even though we live in the dark ages of technology we still appreciate a good workout.

Well, a good workout is what I got. I normally do this video-about 40 minutes or so of great cardio and funky kicks and usually a few screams at the kids to move, lest they accidentally get kicked in the head. Hey, I may be somewhat fit but I sure am not at all coordinated. I got to the end, joked with my man about the silly cool down and then got the surprise of my life (well, perhaps that's an overstatement-but you get the idea).

The video wasn't over.


How could I have missed this?

All this time I had been pressing the stop button and missed the major kick your behind toning part. And kick my behind it did, twenty minutes of leg and ab work later, sweat dripping down my arms and a few "mom, you look tired"s and I was done in.

So in the foggy worn out state of mind that I was in I began to wonder how often we do that in life. How often do we miss the really good part simply because we didn't take the time to look? We'll never see an amazing sunset unless we step outside to catch a glimpse of the view. We might miss the beauty of a meteor shower simply because we did not look up. We may not see the joy and delight in our kids games and play because we were too busy folding laundry. I think I'd like to be missing less these days, at least less of those things that really matter. Tonight I'll not be missing the beauty in the ibuprofen bottle. Tomorrow, as I hobble around the house with sore everything, I'll be keeping my eyes open so I don't miss the beauty that is before me.

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  1. While this is inspiring and all, I just have to say that the work out "good stuff" is debatable! :)


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