Saturday, January 17, 2009

A conversation

Thursday morning: Cayden comes downstairs complaining that her front tooth hurts. My first thought is "great, I can't get to the dentist today." I ask her why, what happened, etc. I try really hard to get the story out of her. She's reluctant at first, but slowly it comes out.

"I bumped my tooth," she says. "On what?" I ask. "On my lamp in my room," comes the response. "Oh, are you okay," I ask again. "It really hurts," she says. I ask the obvious, "Well, how did it happen?" This is where it gets interesting. Her reply, "Well, I kissed it and then I bumped my tooth." "And why did you kiss your lamp?" "I was pretending I was married to it." Okay, not sure what's going on in her head but we quickly move to the breakfast discussion. "My tooth hurts but I want to have breakfast." "What would you like?" I ask. "I better have oatmeal. It's softer."

Never a dull moment around here, and the tooth is just fine now. Oh, and she's been eating oatmeal every day since.

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  1. So funny! Seriously, I've read it at least five times. Every time I get to the "I was pretending to be married to it" line, I burst out into hysterical laughter! Love it!


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