Monday, January 12, 2009

Pointing to Jesus

Zac and I got the chance to go out for a special date over the weekend. You know the kind, kids overnight with some friends, super nice restaurant, loads of time to hang get the idea. It was a rare treat to be able to get away and go out somewhere nice, a place we'd never take the kids. This was just for us.

We got to the restaurant and were seated in the cozy fireside room. We sat next to another couple enjoying their own date night. But there was something about these two, there was a certain spark in her eyes and a gentle peace about him. We immediately noticed something different about them. We went on with dinner, and they did too. At the end of their meal they casually asked us about ours. We responded that it was just as amazing as theirs, and then that's when it became clear to us. Zac said it first, "You two are Christ followers, aren't you?" They lit up even more with this question and we got to sharing about life and God's plans. It was truly a blessed few minutes as we shared life and God with each other.

There was something very different about this couple and it was obvious. It wasn't because they were passing out tracts or wearing t-shirts with catchy slogans. It wasn't even because they were discussing theology or religion. Their spirits spoke loudly that they had been with Jesus. I wonder if it's the same with me?

I love the story of John found in Luke 3. Here he's baptizing people, preparing the way for God to come. Everyone responded with the same question, "What should we do then?" John's life clearly pointed to Jesus, so much so that those around him were moved to respond and look to Jesus as well.

Our lives should be no different. Do others see something different in me, even if it's something they can't identify? Is Jesus visible simply by my countenance? We are told by Jesus that we are to be light in a dark world. The kind of light that brings warmth to others, and brings Christ's love. Can others see it? How would my days be different if they could? I am challenged to walk by his Spirit more and more so that, like the couple we met, others cannot help but see Christ in me. This isn't a thing that I do on my own, but God does it in me as I spend time with him and yield to his Spirit. And that's a thing that changes others. It all starts with an invitation, God is asking us, "Will you let me move in you? Will you let me use you to reach others?" May our response be, "Yes, yes and Amen."

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  1. That is really cool! What a great question to ask ourselves - is my spirit reflecting Jesus so much that people notice?

    :) Thank for the post!

  2. How WONDERFUL! I'm glad you and your hubby got to go out, enjoy yourselves without the kids, and meet fellow followers in Christ!

    Our preacher was discussing some of the things we could do to make others want to come to Christ and what you saw in that couple was one of them. Being excited about meeting with God and being in His presence . . . that excitement we carry is what draws others to us.

    Everyone is searching for that elusive happiness . . . and when you see and feel someone with this feeling, you want to go after it yourself!

    Wonderful stuff! Love your post today!

  3. Good stuff! This is a constant question I have. I have a similar story to yours.
    Some friends and I were at Starbucks just chatting away and, I believe we were just beginning a study of some sort. Anyways, a woman came up to us and complimented us on how we reflected Jesus! Come to find out, she works with youth (as we did, too...we were all youth workers), and she was having some rough times in ministry and just needed some encouragement. Just listening to our conversation was uplifting for her. Even more, we invited her to sit with us and we all just prayed for her. It was just such a God thing!
    Like you, I pray others' see Jesus in me. It's hard, because sometimes I don't even see Him in myself. I think I try too hard, if that makes sense. Trying to "do" instead of just "be".
    Have a great week!

  4. I love this! We've experienced similar situations and they are so wonderful. It makes you feel like you've just been in heavenly places.

    My challenge to myself is not to be too busy to see Christ in others or allow them to see Him in me.

    Thanks for the great reminder!!!

    Love You!!!!!! Mom.


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