Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Power of a Positive Attitude

Having a beautiful life often means choosing to see the imperfection around us, finding the lessons in the everyday events and listening for God to whisper to us what he longs to teach us. It's about being open, making a choice to see the positive and search out the beautiful in the mundane. Here's how it was for us this past week:

Over here at our house, we're the glass half full kind of people. We like to keep a positive attitude and roll with things as they happen. We're not ones to cry over spilled milk. We're just not that way.

We've worked hard to pass this trait on to our kids so that when trials come they will be able to walk through them with confidence and assurance. We encourage ingenuity and all that good stuff. We are so proud of our two year old in this area. She keeps a rock solid positive attitude in the face of most any adversity. When things go wrong she improvises, we appreciate and applaud her ability to think outside the box.

So I guess we shouldn't have been too surprised to find her doing this the other day.

Yes, we truly do not cry over spilled soy milk, we just slurp it up-grateful for the blessing of a freshly mopped floor.

We are so proud of our sweet, little positive thinker. She teaches me daily how to live in the moment and roll with the punches.

What do the little ones in your life teach you?
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  1. That is too precious! What do they teach me? My niece reminds me that all girls, no matter their age, are princesses!

  2. Oh how sweet! I hope that she's only doing this at your house, though. =)

    Wonderful thoughts, beautifully expressed...

  3. Too cute!

    And I love that you made a lesson out of it for everyone!

    Becky K

  4. lol- very sweet. Once one of my children thought it would be a good idea to eat from the dogs bowls- you've got to love little children-

  5. lol- what a sweetie! Thanks for the reminder of the power of apositive outlook. Enjoy your weekend.


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