Monday, February 9, 2009

Motiviate Me Monday: Being is His Light

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A friend of mine blessed me big time one day last week by taking the girls for the morning while big brother was at school. I celebrated with a long run. Really, I did. I could have taken a nap, cleaned the house, worked on scrapbook projects, read a book....I had options. I choose to run. I guess that makes me a runner? Well, that's a topic for another post; on to the long run.

It was a beautiful clear day after a recent snowfall. Most of the snow had already melted away; but the places in the shade, where the sun doesn't hit were still snowy and icy. As I ran I started noticing the patches of snow here and there, and noticed a long stripe of snow along the curb where the sun just hadn't hit it. It occurred to me as I saw that long strip that the sun sure makes things warmer.

Profound, huh? Yes, the sun does in fact warm things up. I pondered this great truth as a I ran, it kind of sounded like this in my head: "The sun makes things warmer, the sun warms things up, the sun changes things, oh-The Son changes things. The Son makes things warmer." Instantly I began to hear what God was saying.

In John 8 Jesus tells us that he is the light of the world and promises that whoever walks with him will not walk in darkness. An interesting thing happens when we allow ourselves to stay in the dark. When the sun does not hit the snow it doesn't melt; or it melts only a little, leaving things slippery and dangerous. When don't allow ourselves to have time the Son we become cold and uninviting. Have you ever spent time with a cold and bitter person? You come away feeling that way yourself, like your some how less then and lacking. Contrast that with the feeling you get after being with a warm and welcoming friend. Just like when you spend time in the sun, you come away brighter and refreshed and warmer yourself. Jesus tells us in Matthew 5 that we are to walk in His light and to display His light to those around us. We can only do that by basking in the presence of the Son.

Slippery snow is treacherous and dangerous. As I ran I found myself changing my course at times, running wide around a corner or darting to the other side of the road to avoid the hazard of ice. When we don't spend time with the Son we can sometimes push others away from us. We may not even realize it but our attitudes and actions may cause others to go the other way and avoid us altogether. Why? Because people like to be around people who are open and warm and welcoming, they don't like to be around people who are cold and icy.
As I had to change my course I often found myself going into other dangerous places-mostly the middle of the road. Where we live that's not really a big deal, traffic is light and usually very cautious. But that is not always the case. You see, when we are cold and untouched by the light of Jesus we can become a hazard to others. Attitude is contagious and a cold unwelcoming attitude rubs off on others just as a much as positive warm one.

When I spend time with the Son I become more like him. My life will reflect his light and his warmth to those around me. I don't want to be cold and uninviting. Today I will purpose to be in the Son more, to bask in his warmth and let his light touch those who I touch. Would you join me? We could all use a bit of time in the Son.
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  1. Although I still cannot wrap my head around why you would choose running over anything else (obviously I am not a runner...), I enjoyed the way you used your run to illustrate our walk with Christ. Thank you!


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