Monday, February 16, 2009

An Undivided Heart: Motivate Me Monday

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"I will walk in my house with a blameless heart." Psalm 101:2 provides us with a glimpse into King David's desires for his home. Another version states, "I will walk within my house with a perfect heart."

What is this perfect, blameless heart that David was referring to? A perfect heart is one that is not divided, it has integrity and wholeness (Warren Wiersbe: Prayer, Praise and Promises). David wanted to walk through his home with an undivided heart, one that is focused on God and his authority and plans above all else. A blameless heart that placed the priority on what God wants to do and accomplish, not on what we feel must be done.

As women and homemakers (whether we stay at home or work outside of it) we have the great task of walking through our homes with an undivided heart. I know that I often struggle with a heart pulled in many directions. What I want to do around the house and what I must do in my roles as wife and mom do not always match up. When they don't I find that the pulling I feel creates tension and stress in my home. My job and goal should be to create a place of peace, this can only be found by surrendering my thoughts on home to God's thoughts on home.

We are reminded in 2 Corinthians 10 to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. The Mofffatt translation states it this way"...I take every project prisoner to make it obey Christ." As a homemaker this struck me. How often do I take on every project that comes my way, without running it by God first, without checking on his timing?

All of what I do as a homemaker should reflect Christ's priority and Christ's leading. Do I jump into projects around the house without thinking through the process? Will a great idea (like painting or redecorating, remodeling, moving the furniture around....) enhance the spirit of my home? I would say no if in the process I neglect bigger things; time with my husband and children, finances (yes, most projects take some cash) or even my own health. How may of us have stayed up too late to finish one more thing, or grown stressed out because we can't get it done just right, or can't even get it done at all?

Yes, a new project may make my home look better. But if in the process I neglect the spirit of home, my home and all who live there will suffer for it. I am encouraged and reminded today that I must surrender all of my heart to God, the part of my heart that wants time for little projects around the house and the more important part of my heart that wants to be the best wife and mom that I can be. Sometimes the most important calling will ask us to lay the other desires of our hearts aside for a season. We must pursue Christ's best for us, in doing that we take every project prisoner and choose to walk in our house with an undivided heart.

What if we're in the middle of a project that just is not working, do you find yourself fighting to get it all done? Ask God for his perspective and his ideas on how and when to complete it. Maybe it's time to lay it aside for a bit. It will still be there next week or next month. What if your thinking of beginning a new project, big or small? Pray about it first, seek Christ's perspective. If it's the right thing for you and your home God will make the way. He'll provide finances or creativity in lack of finances, he'll provide time, and he'll provide the grace to get it all done on his schedule.

My first priority as a homemaker, as a woman, is to create a home-not a show house. The spirit and heart of my home is the most important thing. If I put that first, the rest will come at the right time. It's a matter of my heart and surrendering it to Christ.
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  1. (dropping in from MMM) ok wow... that was really good for me to read. thanks for sharing your heart on this!

  2. Wow - very insightful - thank you so much! I really like the one translation about taking our projects to Christ as well. Good stuff!

  3. Oh how I loved this post!! I love my home and sometimes need a reminder of my first priority and where my undivided attention needs to be. Truly the spirit and heart of the home is the most important thing - I love that! Psalms 102:1 is one of my favorite verses. Thanks for sharing and being a blessing today!

  4. Your insights are spot on! I've read about an "undivided heart" and heard sermons about it. I've even joined in discussions about having an "undivided heart", but I've never really put it in the context of my home. Thank you!

  5. Oh, I love this. I've been on a creative binge lately and God has convicted me about slowing down, re-prioritizing, and focusing on those who live in this house with me. Thank you!


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