Thursday, February 5, 2009

You've got to be kidding me...

Seriously, this must be a joke.

This was in the mail for me today.

Yes, for me.

I kid you not.

I know I've reached that magical milestone, the third decade, but come on. I've got a good 25 years for all that other stuff.

I know I hear that "o" word from the youth, then there's lots of backpeddling and explaining that they really didn't mean old, just older.

Um, yeah, like that's any better.

I don't even read Sunset. Just saying....


  1. oh that is too funny. I just got 2 Sunset magazines in the mail, and I was thinking, funny, I don't remember ordering these, then I got the invoice. Wonder if mine said Senior Citizen offer and I just didn't notice?? I am a bit closer to that than you, but still . . . I think they are a bit misinformed!

  2. I have received some offers to join AARP. Um, I'm 31. No thanks. Geez. :-)


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