Friday, March 20, 2009

Finding Beauty in the Midst of Imperfection

It seems like lately I've been caught up in the trap of expecting perfection. Thinking everything should flow perfectly, seamlessly and just be easy. My brain expects this and so I plan accordingly. It sounds like this in my head, "I'll clean the kitchen, sweep, vacuum, get the laundry folded, have time to read a few books with the kids....all by the time everyone is ready for their morning snack."

Sound familiar?

But I live here, in the real world. And while my kitchen doesn't look like the one above, this morning it was pretty close. Things just don't always go like we plan. But they always work out. Usually I realize that my expectations are a tad too high. When I let go and just roll with it, the day goes so much better. Yes, that means things go undone and I'm learning to be okay with that too

Because really, if I lived in home where things were always perfect I'd probably be living with just me. How boring is that?

The messes that life brings wouldn't be happening because the people who cause the messes wouldn't be here. And that would be terrible. I love those three sweet sets of hands who tip things over, color on things (or themselves), drip milk on the floor or get toothpaste on the wall. Okay, that one really happens when toothbrushes fly, which apparently is a regular occurrence in our house. I love the people who call this house home and who really live in it. They mess it up and bring their friends in and laugh and play and scream and cry.

So I am encouraged today to find the beauty in the mess and in the things left undone. Because everything that didn't get checked off my to do list has been replaced with something much better and more meaningful: time with my family, time spent living and being. That is beautiful and that sure makes for a beautiful life.

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  1. Well said- I need to remember that- I tend to spend too much time on un-important things-
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is wonderful. I often have to remind myself that in order to have everything perfect all the time I would have to live alone, with no pets and no friends. That's not fun! I'll take the messes. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. What a great post. I think it would be helpful for me to read it every morning, right after breakfast. :) I love what you said about the people who make the messes. Life would be terrible without them! Also, I'm loving your vintage feedsack-looking blog background. So pretty!

  4. beautiful post, thanks for the inspiration to find beauty in our real life!


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