Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fun Stuff

Some fun things today.

For our son's birthday we gave him a new room. The day we moved into this house, almost two years ago, he said to me, "But mom, I don't like red so much." This was after we spent two days painting the red wall in his room. What? Can you live with it? Please?

We thought he'd grow to like it, or just end up not caring about it. But every once and a while it would come up. He wanted change.

So, with the help of two sets of grandparents, we splurged a bit. We bought him the bedding of his dreams, we painted the red away, and we spray painted some accessories new.

His response? Well, you can see for yourself.

His exact words, "It's everything I've ever dreamed of!" Wow, why did we wait two years?

He loves it, loves the Ducks and thinks his little lamp and bedside table are totally cool. The best part of it all, the bedding is reversible. Right now it's Duck yellow, which for you non-Duck fans, is very, very bright. He thinks it's awesome.

This is the red before. Very red, and lots of blue accessories. Those met with a can of hunter green spray paint and are looking pretty good now.

It was totally fun redoing his room for him, and we loved his reaction!

Here's some other fun stuff today, Melissa at the Inspired Room is having not one but two giveaways! Head over there for a chance to win a really cool frame from Off the Wall or free tickets for a Woman Inspired Conference (it's even online so you don't even have to pack your bags or leave the house!)

Hope you're finding fun in your day, whatever it brings.


  1. What an awesome gift to give your son!

  2. Hope he had a great birthday, the room looks great, how can he NOT like RED????? Give him hugggs and kisssses from us.


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