Monday, March 23, 2009

Motivate Me Monday: Opportunities

Seize Each Opportunity

For it is certainly true that no situation presents itself twice the same.

The opportunities of today are not those of tomorrow.
Do not live as though they might be repeated.
Do not fail to enter every open door, or be held back a feeling of unreadiness.
I Myself am your preparation.

I will give you the needed grace ad wisdom for each moment as it comes,
and you will rejoice in the victory.

This is My work.

Do not bear needless burdens. They will only

press on your spirit and interfere with My movings.

(This is taken from Come Away My Beloved by Frances Roberts, emphasis added.)

This reading jumped out at me yesterday. It's speaking to ministry and ministry opportunities, but what really struck me was the opportunities that I'm presented with each day as a mom.

You see, as a my kid's mom, I'm faced with opportunities that no one else has. I will be the one who is there for them like no one else. Amazing isn't it?
And isn't it amazing that the one most important is the one we so often begrudge?

We may grumble by that early morning wake up call that disrupts our quiet time. We might sigh at the interruption of a little one who needs help with something we know they can do themselves. We may just even roll our eyes a tad at the mindless games and art projects that seem to consume our days. Am I alone here? Or is this something we all feel, at least from time to time?

Today the challenge goes out to see all these things as a chance to build something with our kids. Maybe that interrupted quiet time can come to be time spent reading the Word aloud to your little early riser. How about graciously helping the one who needs a bit of grace, knowing there will come a day when they will not need, or even want, your assistance. Maybe we should embrace the beautiful mess of Memory Games and finger paints and Playdough because we will be building precious memories with our kids. And once these days are gone, they are gone.

In the midst of that I am reminded that I need to rely on God and his power for this vital work that I am doing. If I mother out of my own strength I will never fully be up to the task. But his power and grace for me are endless. God says in Deuteronomy 33:25, "As your days, so shall your strength be."

I am also reminded that I need to have His perspective on things, after all, it is His work that I am doing. I love the encouragement that comes from Paul in 2 Corinthians, "For our light and momentary struggles are achieving an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

There is so much more than meets the eye in our everyday lives. God is at work, doing something bigger, something eternal in us and in our kids. If I meet each day with that mindset then I will readily embrace each opportunity to love on my kids, spend time with them and do God's work for them. These are the most important opportunities I will ever have, I must not waste them!


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  1. I just love how this goes along with the post on Self-Entitlement today. It is quite possible this is what I needed to be reminded of :) Thanks for such a great reminder!


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