Sunday, March 22, 2009

Star Wars Birthday Party

Our oldest is turning six this week.

Six. Five didn't seem that old, but somehow six seems so much more than a year older. He's changed and grown and become very passionate about Star Wars. This kid lives, eats and breaths Star Wars. He's even been caught standing in the middle of the street trying to force balls as they roll by in the wind. Seriously, he's done that.

So, of course we had to have a Star Wars party for him. He invited six of his closest friends to a Jedi training academy party.

What's Jedi training without Jedi robes?

Each young padawan received their own robe for the afternoon's training exercises, and there were plenty of light sabers around for each to train with.

After they received their robes they got their first challenge. Their goal was to travel through Dagobah without falling into the swampy mess (that was the grass). They had to use teamwork to move three cardboard pieces around so each one could cross safely, while only standing on cardboard. It proved a bit more difficult than we thought, but our quick thinking Jedi trainer (a.k.a. Dad) shortened the course along the way.

Once they completed their task they were rewarded with Yoda Soda. It was a huge hit, just Sprite with a few drops of green food coloring. I've seen it done with ice cream too, but we were trying really hard to limit the sugar. Yes, I know-what kind of parents are we?

After the Yoda Soda we moved on to light saber training. Their objective was to keep a balloon in the air as long as possible, while bouncing it with the light saber. Our winner did great-he had 45 bounces before the balloon hit the floor.

Our birthday boy's exuberance (can't you see it on his face?) led to him only hitting it three times, he took more of a kill the balloon approach.

Once each padawan had a try we moved on to the big event.

What's a Star Wars birthday without a light saber cake? Last year he got R2D2, this year's was a bit easier. I just baked a 9x13 cake and cut it into three long pieces. It was a winner.

After the sugar high from the cake hit, everyone headed outside for a game of Yoda says. "Run around in circles, you will, says Yoda."

"Says Yoda, use the force, you must."

I think this was one of the favorites.

If Yoda says wasn't the favorite, Yoda's Asteroid hunt was. We hid one asteroid (a crumpled up piece of paper with a clue inside) in a balloon. Once the boys found that they were led all around the house in search of the birthday presents. This mom had cleverly hidden them in the pantry while they were playing Yoda says outside.

Then presents and thank you's and an episode of the Clone Wars as everyone waited on parents to come. It was a blast!

A few things I learned: keep those Jedi's busy! They were so busy running from one thing to the next that no one got bored, no one fought, and those two hours flew by.

And, don't clean beforehand. This really saves on the prep time. I did just a quick tidy up and cleaned the bathroom but left the rest for after the party. Because those Jedi are strong in the force but not too strong in their ability for cleanliness. That must happen as a Jedi matures. But these guys were very good at spilling Yoda Soda and throwing pieces of tissue paper all over the place. The kitchen received a prompt mopping after all those Jedi headed home.
We pulled a lot of our party ideas from Make and Takes and Birthday Party Ideas.Com. There's lots of great ideas to look through.


  1. You guys really know how to throw a party - costumes and everything!!! Looks like it was a complete success...wish I could have been there to watch. The cake looks great. Good job.

  2. Awesome party! You are such a great mom! :)

  3. So cute! Looks like the kids had a great time! Great job, Mom!!


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