Friday, April 10, 2009

Adjusting my Priorities

Yesterday I reminded myself of one of the most important things in finding beauty in life. I slashed my to-do list. I lowered my expectations. I took this fortune cookie advice.

It seems like it's so very easy to get caught up in getting things done, being busy. As a homemaker my lists are usually pretty long. And I love to get those lists checked off. But sometimes I do that at my kid's expense. What good is a completed to do list when the day has been miserable trying to get it all done?

Because my kid's don't care about my list, they want to play and have fun and just be kids. It's easy to neglect that a bit when I'm overcome by what to do. I forget to just be.

Just be, in our fancy shoes. Days are always better when you're dressed your best.

Just be silly and take time to play with each other, and good friends.

Just be messy and make something pretty, or just enjoy the process.

At the end of the day I didn't finish everything I had set out to do, there's always tomorrow. But the most important things got done. We played, we made some cool crafts, we read lots of books and we laughed.
By lowering my expectations of myself and going at my kids pace I walked through a day filled with peace and fun and beauty.
And, with my husband's help, I even got that run in.

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  1. I love your priorities- you're absolutely right, they're only kids once! Besides, if we ignore the ironing long enough they'll just grow out of the clothes, right? *grin*

  2. Yes play! Have a glorious Easter weekend!

  3. great pictures and looks like lots of fun

  4. What a great lesson, and true its so easy to get caught up in getting things done, and not spending time with the most important ones your children!

  5. Good for you! A day playing with your children is never a day wasted. Looks like lots of fun was had. Hope you have a great Easter.


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