Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How To: Reupholster

Or maybe reupholstery for dummies?

That dummy would be me.

I have never reupholstered anything. But I did have a little basket like storage cube thing that was falling apart. Big time.

I guess the kids have jumped from it a few to many times.

Here's what I ended up with after the project was finished:

And here's what I started with:

I just used a staple gun and some quiliting fluffy stuff and some fabric; I mean an old curtain panel, I mean on old tablecloth that's stood in for all of those. It's resourcefulness at it's best here folks!

Then I pulled the basket stuff off. See how messy it is?

When I was done I was left with this wood-like lid.

So then I used the quilting stuff and eye balled how much to cut out. I stuck the lid upside down and started stapling.

Then I called my husband and asked him where to find more staples for the staple gun.

Then I called my husband again and asked him how to reload the staple gun.

And then I called him one more time to tell me how to do it again. By this time he was chuckling and feeling oh so glad that he wasn't home. I was too.

I did the same thing with the old tablecloth.

When I was all done this is how it looked:

For never having done anything like this I was pretty proud of myself. And I was even happier that I was able to work with what we had, instead of going out to buy an all new (and very essential) toy storage device.

I even got crafty with the leftover basket stuff I removed.

But you'll just have to come on back later and see.


  1. very cute!!! I'm getting ready to do my dining room chairs, well as soon as I go and buy the fabric, I don't have enough old table cloths or curtains hanging around that all match!!!


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