Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Note

"Mom, how do you spell I love you? I know it starts with an I." I heard her ask this as I was fixing lunch. I answered, giving her the other letters to spell it out. She said thanks and was quiet for a few minutes.

Then she presented me with this. A sweet little note that just totally made my day.

Here she is working on a "project." A little bit of water, some coins, a few cups and a muffin.

Pure delight.

That's us today, living in the moment. Feeling grateful and just enjoying this rainy Tuesday.


  1. This is so sweet. How old is she? My 5-year old son will do this for us, and then he'll draw a (sticky note) picture for each of us. I've saved all of them. Your daughter is beautiful, btw.

  2. Kirwin, she's five and thanks-we think she's beautiful too, but I'm sure we're a bit biased!

  3. aaahhhh . . . those are the things that make all the craziness worth it, too cute! I love YOU to Cayden!

  4. She is five?? Why did I think she was the same age as Selah....4?? BTW.....supercute!~Rachelle

  5. Why did I say five? I think I'm losing my mind- must be because she thinks she's five, talks about being five all the time. She is the same as Selah. Duh!

  6. That is just pure sweetness. I love her spirit. She sent us off with a similar heart shaped paper with a love note on it. Too sweet!!


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