Thursday, April 2, 2009

oh, that smell!

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"Whoa, what's the smell?" That's a really good question. In our homes that question could make us smile or cringe. It could be a really good smell, or a really foul one. There's no doubt that smell has incredible effect on us, good or bad. Good smells make us happy, sentimental, energized or relaxed. They can even bring on feelings of nostalgia. But bad smells, well, they're just bad.

Our homes do have smells, unfortunately they're not always good. (Remember last week's fish? Ewww.) But sometimes, they're amazing. The scents that come from our homes can draw people in or push people away. I promise you, if I make cookies with the kitchen window open every kid in the neighborhood will be lining up at my door.

Yes, smell is important in our home and what it smells like inside can have a tremendous impact on everyone who is there.

What I'm realizing this week though is the biggest source of smell in my home is me. Now, before you go thinking I've stopped showering or something like that, let me show you what I mean.

I found a reminder of the odor I have in 2 Corinthians this morning. Here's what I read, "we are to God the aroma of Christ." Hmm, I have an aroma. It doesn't come from perfume, or my soap, or any other product I put on me. It comes from within. The reason I have such a big impact on the aroma around my home? Because this Mom sets the tone, this Mom determines the mood of her house with her attitude. I hate that, but it's true. I've seen it over and over in my home.

Is my attitude right, positive and loving? Then I will smell good, and so will my home. Is my attitude stinky, lousy, selfish or prideful? Well, you guessed it. My home is gonna stink it up too.

Just as good smells make people happy and draw them in; a happy heart and a cheerful attitude will act like a magnet to everyone around me. It will bring out the best in those I'm near; and even better it will point them to the source of the aroma, Christ. I must live my life so that others not only see Jesus in me, they smell him too. If I'm stinky, just like I smell after a long run, others will be repelled. But if I smell good others will be drawn in.

How do I make myself smell better as a Christ follower? Well, I'm asking God to help me to be filled with the fruit of the Spirit. If love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self control are in me then what comes out of me through my words or deeds will smell good. It's something I cannot do on my own, but I've been learning that the Holy Spirit is the best air freshener around. And once I'm right with God, I'll be smelling pretty good. Because of that my home will too.

I so want my home and my life to be filled with the aroma of Christ and the fruit that comes by the Spirit. Isn't the smell of fresh fruit intoxicating? God wants that for us. I working on that, with his help. And you know what? It's making my home more beautiful and the people who live here really happy.
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  1. What a great thought! I think I needed that...

  2. Great post! I've realized that recently, too. If I have a bad attitude, my son and husband are really impacted by that. Thanks for this thought!!

  3. That is so true! Thank you for the good reminder!! I too needed to read that today.

  4. Perfectly written to capture exactly what I have also realized. This Mama sets the tone. I love that scripture, too. It makes one stop and think.

  5. Thanks; I think I might need to work on being a sweet scent around here =) Great motivation!

  6. Oh this is good! At first I was thinking, "oh yea, my house smells like puke and poop right was a long night!" I think the aroma of Christ is much better...especially among the stink! :)


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