Sunday, May 24, 2009

Amazing Goodwill Finds

I recently put in a request for time off. You know, every mom needs a break now and then. I love opportunities to browse through some of my favorite stores sans kiddos. They're wonderful and all, but they make trips to places like Goodwill and World Market and Ross and TJ Maxx a bit of a headache. Especially when I really want to find some sort of hidden treasure. And especially when my amazing man hands me a wad of cash as I walk out the door. Oh happy day!

Well yesterday Goodwill did not disappoint, I guess that's why they call it Goodwill?

Here's the finds, and yes Mom, this is for you. I know you're off getting tan and enjoying paradise and we don't get the chance go to treasure hunting often. Just imagine me skipping out of Goodwill with my cart loaded, a coffee in one hand and song spontaneously coming out of my mouth. Now you can feel like you were there. And yes, I was that excited.

Some great clothes, name brand and in my size. A rare treat.

A little desk lamp for my desk, only $3.99.

Two small bottles of The Body Shop Peppermint Foot lotion for 99 cents.

A thingamajig for $2.99, four plates for $2 each and a gumball holder for 99 cents. I about fell on the floor when I saw the same plates at Target sold as a set of four for about 18 bucks. And I've been wanting a gumball holder for a long time, finding one for steal made my day. I'm thinking it won't be home to gumballs though, maybe a terrarium?

And the other cool finds didn't make it to the picture because the kids are already enjoying them. Brand new, still in the package Little Pet Shop sets-a few pets and their little tiny accessories for $2. I got them all. Cause it's good to have lots of little pets around, these ones don't make messes but they still hurt your feet when you step on them.

So there you have it-a bunch of bargains and day to myself. Heaven I tell ya, it was heaven.


  1. I have found many 'treasures' from Goodwill the last 6 months. I see you also scored pretty well. I have found that if I go more frequently i have a better chance of finding something nice. Consistancy is the key.
    Have a super day.


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