Friday, May 22, 2009

The Back Porch

This is the story of a chair. Of one big overstuffed chair that lived in our playroom.

Comfy and cozy, it was a great spot to curl up for a nap. But then a little corner in our bedroom got jealous, it wondered why it didn't have a little chair to call it's own. So this little beauty joined our home.

Then summer came and this little beauty got moved to the back porch. This left our little corner feeling sad and lonely again. So the big overstuffed, comfy chair moved in.

It worked okay at first, but it was relationship that didn't last. You see the big overstuffed chair demanded quite a bit of floorspace, and the little corner just didn't have it to give.

In the meantime a papasan chair made it's way to the family. It took over the empty spot in the playroom left by the big overstuffed chair's departure. But things are always changing around here.

The big overstuffed chair resumed it's rightful home in the playroom where there is ample room for it to welcome any backside to curl up with a good book. The little black beauty was welcomed home to the bedroom corner and the amazing papasan chair found it's niche on the back porch.

All is right with the world.

It's a beautiful way to start the day. And the view is pretty nice to.

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  1. Lovely chairs - wherever they find a home in your house.

  2. I love the mamasan chair where your lovely girl layin down.

    Used to laid on that similar chair while am still home in the Philippines. Ahh.. nice & cosy indeed!
    This is what I call living a simple life w/ a simple things you have in handy.

    Happy w/end.


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