Thursday, May 7, 2009

Through the Lens

I've been thinking lots lately about the power of the ordinary; the ordinary day, the ordinary moment, the seemingly ordinary person. There is nothing ordinary about these things, if we look hard enough we can see the hand of God in them.

That thought causes me to grab my camera in an effort to try to capture the ordinary. It seems to me that I can slow down time, just for a bit, to seize what may go by unnoticed. Little moments, glances and smiles that display something holy in the midst of the mundane. These moments ordinary because they happen all the time. But they are so much more.

I ask myself if I would want to capture this moment, this ordinary moment? Absolutely, because added up those ordinary moments are pretty amazing. They make up life as I know it. Regular days are usually comprised of the ordinary things of life. Little moments, frustrations and joys, tears and laughter. Those ordinary things are really extraordinary if you think about it. They're extraordinary simply because they make up this wonderful gift of life. They're extraordinary because if I listen closely I can hear God speaking through them, directing me and pointing the way to him. But I will only hear that if I'm listening. I guess I'm learning to listen with my eyes as well as my ears. Looking through the lens helps me with that. Because if I set out, camera in hand, intent on capturing something I will definitely see many things. Things that make life beautiful, things that reveal God to me and things that just make me smile.

There is something simple and yet wonderful in a new piece of jewelery and a new shirt. They speak of a weekend away with friends,of capturing some vital girl time, and of me getting dressed up for a date with my hubby.

There is something amazing in two girls squealing with laughter as they spin and spin and spin some more. And something so cool in the way they've learned to share.

An ordinary pile of rice speaks of a lesson learned. If a project keeps them occupied for five minutes but takes half an hour to clean up it's just not worth it.

An simple soccer trophy can cause immense joy and pride, not just for him but for his parents as well.

Markers left out remind me that it's perfectly fine for me to continue hiding the makeup. And that little girls love to dress up and be beautiful.

A handful of monkeys hanging out at the gymnastics academy remind me of the gift of friendship, there's something so wonderful and ordinary but yet so exceptional about that.

And an ordinary but very immodest Barbie reminds me to teach my girls the value of modesty, and to model it myself.

These are just a few snippets of an otherwise ordinary week. But in so many ways it's been anything but. I've found in it a celebration of the daily things that make up life. Evidence of time spent, games played, jokes shared and secrets whispered. These things truly make life beautiful. So I am going to continue to challenge myself to pause and look for the exceptionally ordinary around me. I'm sure I'll have my camera handy. Want to join me in this challenge?

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  1. So true! How much we miss as we obsess with perfection! Things are beautiful in their simplicity!

  2. Beautiful sentiment. I loved the photos of the markers on the face -- hope they were washable! ; ) I've been trying to take some photos of the special-but-ordinary shared this idea in a comment on my blog. Thanks for the advice. I'll post about it tomorrow.

    Have a beautiful Mother's Day weekend!

  3. Ha! Yes, they were washable. We've learned that anything else is a horrible idea! Everything around here is washable!


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