Sunday, June 7, 2009

Adventure Saturday

On Saturday we spent a good part of the day here. It was beautiful, it was a great escape and it was fun. The best part was that it's only about a forty minute drive from home. Love that.

We went to Wizard Falls Fish hatchery for the free fishing day. I guess it's an annual thing. We did it last year and had a blast, this year was no different.

The weather was perfect, the kids were (mostly) cooperative and the parents were (almost totally) relaxed. It was great.

We experienced the thrill of catching a fish.

And we experienced the disgust of catching a fish.

We had a picnic lunch by the river and found some yummy treats at Camp Sherman's General Store.

It was a great day for an adventure. And two of us even got a dollar for falling asleep on the way home.

And we had three little fishies to eat for dinner. Miss Middle helped me clean and gut them and get them ready to cook. She ate every bite. What a gal!

We are so looking forward to more adventures this summer.


  1. Looks like a fun day. I love the pictures, especially Cayden with the fish in her hand. That picture speaks a thousand words!

    You wouldn't bribe my grandchildren to get them to go to sleep, would you?

  2. Well, I wouldn't bribe them-but the dad would! And just for the record-I was one of the dollar trips are the only time I can sneak a nap in these days!

  3. OOOhh my goodness - great photos.. the one with the fish --- ewwww I am getting squeemish here!

    LOL thanks for sharing.



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