Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yesterday I had a birthday. And I had a party. I wanted nothing more than to be surrounded by all my favorite people, eat good cake and laugh-a lot.

We threw open the doors and invited everyone in.

We had a delicious cake and to die for cookies (actually death by chocolate is thier official name-thanks Mammie!)

We sat around and talked and laughed while the kids played crazy, rowdy games.

We enjoyed each other and the beautiful evening.

We loved on the youngest member of the family, lots.

And of course, we wore our best party clothes.

We caught up on life.

And we shared some jokes.

It was everything a perfect birthday could be. And I had a few of those amazing grateful, overflowing emotional moments. Just so glad to be surrounded by so many amazing folks, just so blessed that God has planted us here.

And Mom and Dad, we missed you! Wish you were closer so you could have been there too.


  1. Wish I could have been there! Sounds magical :)

  2. Happy birthday! You look beautiful -- love the flowers in your hair.

  3. Happy Birthday Gina. You look like a princess! What a beautiful family you have and lovely friends too. I hope you had a wonderful day. Meredith xo.
    p.s. your blog header cracked me up. Perfection.


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