Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Matters of the Heart, Why my Heart is Important

What does your heart need? In some sense it's a personal question, unique to your makeup and what brings us life...Let me ask again. What does your heart need? A simple starting place would be to ask God: What do you have for my heart? You'll be stunned by what he guides you into.

I read this the other day in Waking the Dead by John Eldredge. The point he is making is that our hearts do matter to God. That's why we find the reminder in Proverbs to guard our hearts, with diligence even. Caring for my heart is essential. He goes on:

A heart that is weak is vulnerable. Are you able to fend off accusation when you are wiped out from a hard week?....The first wave of any strike against us is to rob us of the heart to fight it. It always starts that way, with that sense of being too tired or overwhelmed. Heads up-the main assault is coming on the heels of it.

What he's saying here is that we have a real enemy, one who would like us to be ineffective and weak. His goal is to make us feel defeated before we even begin, before we ever get a start at living life as God intended it for us. This enemy tricks us into thinking that our hearts, our longings don't matter. That our hearts are not worth fighting for, or are not even capable of any good.

But those things are not true. Our hearts do matter, God has created it so. And we are capable of good with Christ's redeeming grace at work in our lives.

Honestly, I've been fighting that battle this week. The battle of overwhelmed and tired. The kids are busy, we've been running to swim lesson every morning this week. It's sucking the lazy out of my summer mornings and I don't like it. The bigger issue here is that the commitments we've made to swim lessons and to friends and to scads of other things are piling up. It's left me wiped out. And at the point of utter exhaustion I read those words above. It was a moment of clarity for me, a vivid reminder that my heart does matter. Even when it's tired and frazzled. It is okay for me to yearn for a long run at the end of day, and getting out for a long run isn't bad. It's practically life and death. It's in those quiet moments while my feet are hitting the trail that I clear my head and focus on my heart. Those moments I'm alone, but still with the most important One ever. I feel God whisper sometimes in those lonely runs. I hear, "it's okay, I love you and wanted you to see this beautiful sunset. I wanted you to notice how the fading light bounces off the snow covered peaks to the west and the rocky crags to the north. I want you to rest in me." And while I'm running I do.

So the question is, what makes your heart come alive? What do you long to do? Could it be that God is speaking to you in the midst of that, using those yearnings to draw you closer to him? He wants your heart to feel refreshed, he wants you to know that your heart does matter. Will you agree with him and find a place to pull away in order to be refreshed? It could be a long run, it could be a soak in the tub or an afternoon at the spa. Maybe it's an hour in your garden, or in the art studio, or a long hike. I could go on. We all need to recognize our hearts longings and pay attention to them, God has placed those in us for a reason.

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I just came across it and it spoke to my heart. This is exactly what God has been trying to tell me lately about how he cares about my heart and wants me to rest in His love. Thanks for letting Him speak through you to my heart!


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