Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Goals

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Now that school is out and summer is underway we are working hard on routine. It's tough to go from structured school days to hours and hours of free time, not just for the kids but for me as well. This year we're doing something we've never done before.

I sat down with the older two and asked them what they wanted to do this summer. I wanted to see if there was something they wanted to learn about or learn to do. Or even if there something specific they wanted to do. We talked about those ideas and refined them and came up with a list of summer goals.

With those goals in hand I put together a simple little schedule for our days. Mondays are home days and chores days, Wednesdays are library days, Friday grocery days. There's some other stuff in there too. But I also made a daily schedule too, a guideline for what should maybe happen when. This is tremendously helpful for our oldest who thrives on routine and predictability.

It sounds simple but it's one little way to bring order to a long summer, and I figure it'll help us ease into the home school routine in the fall.

Predictability and order can really go a long way towards making a beautiful life and a beautiful summer. To see how others are adding beauty this week head on over to The Inspired Room. There's also a great guest post today on entertaining.

Oh, here's a look at goal central right inside the pantry door. Keeps things easy to see and at the front of our minds.

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