Friday, June 19, 2009

Through the Lens: Slowing Down

It's been a bit rough around here. Everyday stresses and life sometimes rob us of our joy. They cause us to look at the to do list more than at what's going around us. That's where I've been a bit this week. I don't like that. So on Thursday I grabbed the camera and started looking.

I noticed a little tomato growing.

I spied on a little girl while she watched her brother dig in the sand.

Then she caught me and showed my how big the beetle she had just found was.

In the morning I noticed a boy reading when he was supposed to be getting dressed.

I found a little girl dancing by the back door.

And not to be outdone, I happened upon our first berry of the season.

Life slips by pretty quickly. Taking the time to look the lens really slows it down for me. It helps me to see what's happening all around me, things I might have missed otherwise. When life gets frazzled a day with the camera in my hand helps me to stop and appreciate the gifts all around me. I find myself more thoughtful and more apt to slow down, simply because I want to see.

How do you slow down when things feel like they're spinning?

This is how I found beauty in my life this week, to see how others are finding beauty this week head over to the Inspired Room.


  1. Such good words. Sounds like a carbon copy of my week...too many things to do. Wish I'd have grabbed a camera and stopped a bit to look around. As always, thank you for speaking to my heart this morning! Love you...

  2. I love slowing down, here's how I do it:

    Cute pics. I can totally relate to your boy reading instead of getting dressed, I'm the same way! He's slowing down....taking his mom's lead I guess!

  3. I just lost my comment. If it shows up twice, I'm sorry. This is a great idea. When things get stressful, slow down,grab a camera and shoot some beauty. Observation expands us, don't you think? I'm a lot more observant when I'm behind the camera. Next time I'm feeling stressed, I hope I remember you and grab my camera.

  4. You are so right. These days can get crazy. Somehow things come into focus when we look through a lens and simplify it down to one thing at a time.

    Great post!

  5. I totally agree. I am guilty of focusing on ticking off all the tasks on my weekend to do-list (and sometimes, life to-do list), that I forget to stop and smell the roses.

    I've made it a point that I will remember to do this more now.

    Such a great idea to use a camera. Not only does it slow you down a little to enjoy life a bit and see what else is happening in the world, you also capture those special and candid shots. Love them!

  6. I feel like that so often! Great idea to grab the camera to get a different perspective. Hope your weekend is filled with moments of joy and happy reflections. Meredith xo.

  7. What a beautiful post. You've inspired me to do this today. Scenes I just took photos of: DS building legos, DD's legs hanging off the edge of the potty, DH relaxing with a cup of coffee.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Hi! It's funny, I was just thinking the same thing today. That nothing snaps me back into the present faster than looking through the lens of my camera. Great post. Love the blog. I'm visiting (now following) from Blessed Little Nest. :)


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