Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lessons on Hospitality

Hospitality is a big deal for us around here. We strive to make sure the door is always open for guests and that they always feel comfortable and at home.

I've always hoped that this trait would carry on for my kids, especially the girls.

And then I found this.

Maybe they're learning it by watching us.

Make room for an extra bed, improvise and do what it takes to make sure your guests are settled.

Be creative, and also be willing to sacrifice. Do you see Grandma sleeping in the bathtub in the first picture?

If you look closely you will see that this a full house. Our kids have watched us entertain through the years. They've seen us shuffle beds around, give up our room, ask them to give up theirs. We've never had discussions on hospitality, but I think they're learning an awful lot by watching. And I love that.

For some other great stuff on hospitality be sure to read this post from The Reluctant Entertainer. Oh, she's got a great apron giveaway too-perfect for all your hospitable moments.


  1. I love this-it's so sweet! Except for "Grandma" sleeping in the bathtub! That might not be too comfortable. You are both great examples of hospitality - it's rubbin off!

  2. Don't worry Mom, we'd never let you sleep in the bathtub.

    And I learned from the best!

  3. Hi Gina, I love this!

    Can you email me, I have a ? to ask if you'd want to be my guest!? We're both Oregon girls! :)


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