Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where'd we go?

We've been away-Zac and I took off for an amazing summer camp week. We've been gone, away from the kids for seven days now. Yikes. I think it's safe to say that we're missing them. My amazing sister has been doing her best to capture them for us, she nailed it with this. My two and her one-stunning, isn't it?

This is where we've been, and who we've been with. Pretty cool, huh? About two hundred of us all together-most of us middle and senior high students. We had an amazing worship band and one awesome speaker. And God. He's the most important and he showed up in a big way for us, for those kids. It was pretty fun to see, it was awesome to watch and be a part of kids connecting with God. In all our years of youth ministry this is going down as one of the best camps. Best for us, best for our group, best over all.

Now, we've got some serious sleep to catch up on. Those munchkins of ours are coming home tomorrow!

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