Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Encouragement-Or Words of Wisdom from my Husband

"It seems like we should spend more time focusing on the things we get to do, and not the things we didn't get around to."

My husband made this comment to me the other night. We were in the middle of a discussion; you know the kind, not really a fight but not at all a casual conversation. The more we talked the more I realized that I have been a bit out of whack lately. My priorities haven't been quite right, and my attitude is suffering because of it. What a wretched place for me to be, wretched for me and mostly for the people that have to live with me.

You see the problem I found myself in was that I was focusing more on my lists than on life. My to do lists are quite long these days. I always have the must do list, the ought to do list and the want to do list. The musts include taking care of the kids, keeping food in the pantry or on the table and hopefully, off the floor. The ought to do items are things like wiping down the fridge, investigating the smelly corner of the pantry and dusting down the baseboards. And the want to do list-that, well, you know what, that list rarely even gets a second glance.

I was feeling like I needed to have a pity party for that poor neglected list. You see I want to have time for myself, for little hobbies and mindless indulgences. And I do get time for those-maybe in the ten minutes between the kids getting tucked in and me falling onto the couch, beat at the end of a busy day. Or perhaps a half hour here and there. But I always feel like it's just not enough.

Then my sweet husband lovingly snapped me back into reality. Lately I haven't been getting to that want to do list because I've been doing so many other things. I've spent time playing games with the kids, I've been teaching one to read, reading books to the others and even have been read to a lot by our oldest. When that's not happening we're chasing a frog in the backyard, or seeing a play put on by the community children's theater, or making homemade ice cream. A lot of my time has been spent planning for a new school year, prepping for one the biggest privileges a mom could have-teaching her children.

And when I stopped to consider all that I had been doing, that want to do list seemed like a bit less of a big deal. I'll get there, someday. It will wait for me. But right now, there are three miracles who are not going to wait forever, they are watching for me to take the lead and show them how to live out this adventure we call life.

I'm encouraged to pursue the life I have right now, with full abandon-letting myself relish the season I'm in. It's a messy season to be sure, the one of rearing three amazing gifts. But it's the only time in life when there will constantly fingerprints on the slider and smudgy peanut butter hand prints on the refrigerator handle. I imagine that someday, when they're older and the days are quieter, my husband and I will look around and notice a few things. One, we may just be amazed that we lived through it; and two, we'll probably notice that our home feels a bit larger and much more still. And clean, I'm guessing it will be clean. And you see, that's the thing. The season I'm in is not one of clean, it's messy and loud and leaves me with lots undone. But, there will be a season when that's not the case. Right now I'm encouraged to focus on what I am doing, not what I'm not getting to. I'm encouraged to stay in the moment, remembering how their voices sound and how the pictures rattle on the walls when they run by. These days are fleeting to be sure, I don't want to miss them all because I'm more concerned with a lack of "me" time. I'll have plenty of time for later. Right now, I want to enjoy the adventure.

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  1. Well-written, Gina. Thanks for making my day better!


  2. Gina, thanks for the great reminder about living in the NOW rather than the then. You encouraged me today!

  3. Somehow I missed reading this. What a great reminder - thank you! This reminds me of something God has been bringing up to me lately..."fix your thoughts on what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, worthy of praise...then the God of peace will be with you." Doing that helps eliminate those dreadful pity parties!!!

  4. What a fun blog! makes me want to try and make one of my own. You are an inspiration. I am so glad we have you and your family in our lives. I feel there would be a little empty place if we did not know you guys.


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