Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ice Cream Treat

Some days a treat just seems appropriate.

When the kids are extra good, when the weather is hot and when you have a free coupon to the local ice cream parlor-well, you can't not go.

And it doesn't hurt to wear your best princess dress, either.

We're working hard to take advantage of the last days of summer around here. The weather is still warm during the day, but it's doing that typical cool off at night. The light seems to be changing and there is even a fall sort of smell in the air. Then there's school starting, that's a sure harbinger of fall. We'll be starting up on Monday, so I guess this is our last weekend of summer.

We'll be trying to make the best of it, savoring summer but also embracing fall and that it brings.

What signals fall to you?

I'm sharing this with Melissa's beautiful life series-head over to see how others are finding beauty this week.


  1. I wish I had not see that first shot :)

  2. School buses! When you start seeing school buses in the neighborhood again, that always shouts, "fall is coming!" to me. Visions of school supplies, turning leaves, apples and Halloween. Love the princess dress shot!! So cute!!

  3. Such a fun post!!! But smack yourself :) I am not ready for FALL just yet.

    I have to admit my fingers are starting to get a lil bloody holding on to summer so tightly.

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  4. we just made our first homemade ice cream of the season & it's almost september! where DID the summer go?

    for me, the signal that fall is on the way, is the sun setting sooner & the light hitting the trees out my window in a slightly different place each morning.

    i must confess it makes me sad. i love summer. not even the beauty of fall can make up for the feel of summer.


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