Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everyone is a Ten at Something

Wayne Corderio has said, “Everyone is a ten at something.”
I think about that from time to time. I wonder what exactly my ten is. Of all the different hats that I wear which one is the ten, the one which I was perfectly created for?
Honestly, some days I don’t have the first clue. And there are other days; days of clarity and peace when I can really say, “Aha, that’s what’s this life is about.”
I know that he has created me for something very specific, he has something personal just for me to do. That is what my ten is, that is where I shine, where I find the most peace and joy, and interestingly enough, it is also where people will see Christ in me the most.

David didn’t suddenly become an expert marksman with a slingshot when Goliath showed up, or a master harpist when King Saul invited him to the palace. He took the long, slow, disciplined route. David had no idea what his future held, he simply found joy and fulfillment in discovering and developing his gifts. Your greatest obstacle to personal growth isn’t ignorance, it’s the illusion of knowledge. It’s in believing you’ve “arrived.” When that happens you’re done growing, which means you’re done!
Which zone do you live in? The challenge zone: “I attempt to do what I haven’t done before.” The comfort zone: “I only do what I already know I can do.” The coasting zone: “I don’t even do what I’ve done before.” Phillips Brooks said, “Sad is the day for any man when he becomes absolutely satisfied with the life he is living, the thoughts he is thinking, and the things he is doing; when there ceases to be forever beating at the doors of his soul a desire to do something larger which he seeks and knows he was meant and intended to do.” (Bob Gass)
You know, you were created with something specific in mind as well. You are a ten at something too. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that or to get too focused on just getting through your daily stuff to remember what your passion is.
What is it that really makes you feel alive? I believe that is the key to discovering what it is God meant for you to do. Find out what makes you feel alive and then ask God to reveal to you how he wants you to be concerning that thing.
You are a ten at something.
You were created to do something amazing, something only you can do.
What is it, then, that you were created for?


  1. I think we run into trouble when we want and try so hard to be a 10 at everything. A 10 parent, a 10 wife, a 10 lover, a 10 friend, a 10 employee, a 10 conversationalist, a 10 listener... Perfectionism is the way the enemy comes in to whisper the lie, "You are not enough." The beauty is that Christ is enough and he HAS created us for a special and unique purpose. He allows us to join him in the adventure of using our talents to glorify him. As long as we are performing for the "audience of 1" we will be a true 10.

    Just my thoughts.... :)

  2. Be a ten at loving life. Becoming the absolute best person you can be for you.

    Mark Lowe


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