Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to put Children’s Artwork on Canvas

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We have a few resident artists at my house. Our middle child in particular seems to spend most of her days doodling and drawing.
So I wasn’t too surprised to find a new creation hanging on the refrigerator one day, she feels most of her artwork should end up there and usually just sticks it up herself.
But once I looked at the artwork I was surprised. She had made a little flyer about our family. I looked closely and saw that each of our names were there, as well as each child’s initials. In the picture below you can see a little box for each kid with their name and initials. What I love here is that she drew, in bubble letters a little “C” “L” and “A” and circled them, drawing a line to each box. I love the little details. And bubble letters? What four year old does bubble letters?
At any rate I felt like this little beauty was frame worthy. But the paper was kind of crumpled and it seemed like it needed better treatment than just a frame. So I put in on a canvas.
Here’s how:
I took my artwork and my prepped canvas. I just painted it soft blue to blend with the rest of the colors in our house.
Then I purchased graphite paper from the craft store. I used a half off coupon and spent $7 on enough paper to recreate at least 30 pieces of art.
Then all you do is place the graphite paper on the canvas, put your picture over it and use a stylus to draw over the picture. It transfers the image onto your canvas so you can paint over it.
Here’s what it looked like when I was done with graphite paper.
After that I just painted over the image with brown acrylic paint. The whole project took maybe half an hour and the seven dollars for the graphite paper. Easy peasy.
Now the hard part is to figure out where to hang my new work of art.
Oh-this has absolutely thrilled my daughter. She couldn’t be prouder of herself and her creation.
Surrounding myself with beautiful artwork made by my own kiddos makes my home, and my life, more beautiful. I love the special, original touch this will add to our family room.
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  1. What a sweet drawing and a great idea!

  2. THAT is a great idea!!!

  3. Love this idea! It would make a great Christmas gift for grandparents!

    Thanks for sharing!


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