Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Little Getaway

We got away this weekend.
Can you guess where?
We used this a lot.
We climbed all 104 stairs here.
Our shoes looked this most of the time.
We met this guy and some of his friends.
Yeah, you guess it.
We spent the weekend at the Oregon Coast. It was time for a little escape, a little getaway with just us. Classic family. And it was awesome.
It’s amazing what a few days away from the daily grind will do for your soul. I guess we all need to escape every now and then.
How do you get away?


  1. Beautiful pictures............

  2. Hey Gina, looks like a great time! I LOVE the coast... you've gotten a nice dose of it lately huh?
    How did speaking at the women's retreat go? I thought for sure you'd have a post & pics about it.
    Very cool...

  3. So glad you were able to get away. There's just nothing like the coast. Love the pictures. Can't wait to see the 400 others!!! Must Be a Follower asked how you did at the women's retreat...well, she did awesome! A powerful message presented in a such a sweet relaxed way. And, I'm not prejudiced!!! I just know good stuff when I hear it.

  4. Ah-thanks Mom! Thanks for asking about the retreat-it was a good time and I thought it went really well!


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