Saturday, October 31, 2009

Making Time

See this guy? I married him, so this would be us.
We like each other, quite a lot. In fact, we like each other so much that we’ve been married ten years. That’s a long time, and we can honestly say that things have changed quite a bit for us in ten years of marriage.
The biggest change is these guys, all three of them.
They make it kind of difficult to have any time together; well, together alone.
You can see they can kind of get between us.
Despite our best efforts to get just a minute together, it just doesn’t always work out.
How about a change of location?

Ahh, that’s more like it.

You see, one thing we’ve learned in our ten years together is that we have to actually make room for time together. It doesn’t just happen, and usually these days it takes some effort and creativity. We’ve realized that we can get so busy in life and family and kids and ministry and our business that us becomes you and me. And that’s usually a pretty selfish place to be.
So we’ve been consciously focusing on making time. We trade kids with some friends of ours, and sometimes we just go home to a quiet house and well, have some time. We purposefully leave our schedule clear on Thursday nights so we can snuggle together to watch Survivor and The Office. We farm our kids out to family or friends as often as we can so run away together, even if it’s just out for lunch. And in all that we connect. We remember why it is we got married in the first place; that we’re just completely goofy and crazy about each other. We know that some day the kids will be older and they’ll be home less, they’ll need us less. We want to make sure that our foundation is strong so that when those days come we still know each other. I sure don’t want to be married to a stranger and I’m pretty sure my hubby doesn’t want to either.
I think doing this makes our marriage better and stronger and our home happier. It’s so important that it can’t be ignored or neglected. In fact, just this week we had a super fun double date with some friends. It was refreshing to laugh together and just be us.
Who do you need to spend time with right now? Why wait, carve out some time for that person today.


  1. You have a beautiful family...i love your pictures!
    Congrats on the ten years!!

  2. Gina, I really liked this post. Gained some wisdom from it, thank you. Congratulations on ten years!

  3. Awww, you two make a beautiful couple (you make adorable kids, too!). Congrats to you love birds on a fruitful marriage, and your three birdies, as well.

    Here's to many more decades {and some time alone, hehe}!


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