Thursday, October 22, 2009


Remember this?

It didn’t take long for the guilty parties to be revealed-it’s amazing how difficult it is for middle school kids to be quiet.
Once the culprits were named we slowly and silently put our plan together.
So, on a blustery Saturday afternoon the youth pastor (that’s my husband) took the four perpetrators out for ice-cream. He wanted to let them know there were no hard feelings and all that good stuff. Honestly, there weren’t any hard feelings. We thought the whole thing was pretty funny. What we did feel bad about was the quality of the job done on our home. A good youth pastor takes the time to instruct his students in the proper techniques of toilet-papering.
He also makes sure to send a loud message to the youth: you’re either for us or your against us. Or, whatever you do to us comes back to you, only worse (at least when it comes to pranks.)
So while they were enjoying an ice cream treat, me and a few helpers were hard at work. With permission from the parents of said t-pers.
We also had some fun at the office of the chief parent involved. Notice the vast amounts of foil?
Lesson learned?
We sure hope so. But, if you happen to see any good deals on toilet paper let us know, we think we might need to stock up. This might not be over.


  1. LOL... The aluminum foil chair and room FILLED with balloons would surely make my jaw DROP! ;) Sneaky! ;) God bless.

  2. HILARIOUS!!! Too funny. How'd the kids react?

  3. This really makes me giggle - ahhh the joys of youth group antics - seems to have an international cross cultural language - that's for sure!
    Hey I just wanted to say thanks for your encouragement on my guest post over at Reluctant Entertainers - really appreciated it!
    have a super weekend!

  4. This is just awesome!!! I love to see people really enjoying life, this is what it is all about.



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