Friday, December 4, 2009

Letting Go of Perfect-Having an easy Christmas

How do we roll with Christmas around here?
We keep is simple. If it takes five minutes to do and looks amazing, then we stick with that.
(ornaments under a cloche, how easy is that?)
We work with what we have. I had something totally different in mind for my kitchen window. Then my husband came home with a garbage can full of pine cones he found in Grandma’s yard. So I went with it and used them; because they were there, because they were free, and because I like pine cones.
We don’t freak out about it. Things might turn out like you envision, that’s inevitable-roll with it-Christmas only comes once a year. I didn’t have enough buttons to finish the button tree my son started last year. No big deal. I moved all the randomly scattered buttons to the front and turned that baby around. The wall doesn’t mind looking at the naked backside of a tree. Plus, it’s high on a shelf-for short folks like me it’s barely noticeable!
DSC_0014 DSC_0015
(button trees)
We enlist eager helpers.
My kids are all nearly bursting at the seams to make some Christmas projects, and we’ve got some plans up our sleeves. Now, I’ve gotta admit that not everyone was eager about this one. We made some pretty garland out of some things bound for the recycle bin. (Check back later for another post on that.)
And finally, we make a plan and stick with it. When I drug out all the decorations and put them around my home I made a decision. I decided that once I was done, I was done. I set myself a little deadline and told myself that what was done by then was all that would be done. I do this only because I know I’ll see lots of cool ideas along the way and be totally distracted to carry them out. I’m saving those ideas for next year, and I’m totally cool with that. Having a deadline eliminates one potential area of stress in our home. At Christmastime that is a good thing.
Also, the kids have their own ideas and they want a say in what things look like this Christmas. So, I’ve been asking them. “Where should this go?” “What do think about adding some glitter to this?” They love feeling like they’re a part of the process.
It’s the holidays, and yeah, it can be pretty stressful or you can just let go. Let go of perfect, let go of a magazine home (unless you actually do have someone from a magazine coming to your home), let go of preconceived and just roll with it. As I’ve gotten better as this over the years I’ve noticed the Christmas season is getting to be more and more fun. Of course it doesn’t hurt to get things done early, make lists and write yourself a little note as to where you hid all the Christmas gifts. Trust me on that one.
Perfect is pretty hard to come by, so I’m aiming a bit lower this year. And I’m totally cool with that. We’re having fun, and that’s what matters. It is Christmas after all.

I’m sharing with Melissa at the Inspired Room, head over for other cool Christmas ideas.


  1. Love the button tree and the pinecone garland..lovely and brilliant ideas.

  2. Your pinecone garland with the snowflakes is absolutely perfect! I love the idea to fit in with my snowflake tree!

  3. Fun, fun - my little boy is always up for doing projects AND cooking/baking - What a great time of year to get some quality time together. Thanks for encouraging a laid back attitude to the holidays!

  4. We're also keeping things really simple. It's easier with older (teen and adult) kids because they are mostly too busy to participate in the things they used to want to do anyway (bake cookies, etc.).

  5. You're so right. I keep thinking that I need to set a date that I'll be done, but I haven't done it yet and it's already stressing me out. That does not make for a very fun momma. I'm doing. Today is my deadline. Whatever's not done can wait 'til next year. Thanks for such a great post!!

  6. Yes, yes, yes. i am trying to "chill" and enjoy. I tried something with the foam cone. Didn't turn out so pretty. Love your buttons. adorable and cute. Check out my failed attempt if you get a chance. Happy weekend.

  7. The button tree is adorable...I'm totally copying!

  8. I like to keep it simple also.

    Love the pinecone garland.

  9. I just had to stop back by and tell you that I did it! I put away all the decorations that didn't make it up "in time" and now I'm enjoying my night stress free. Thanks for your great inspiration.

  10. I am totally with you this year. I put up only one of our smaller christmas trees and really toned down all the stuff around the house.
    But I really have been looking for a while for a glass cloche. I noticed that you have a pic of one in your house. Do you remember where you got it?

  11. Oh- I love the button tree! I'm definitely going to be borrowing that idea!


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