Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Perfect World

In a perfect world dogs wouldn’t shed all over the kitchen floor.
In a perfect world kids would stay tucked in after their bedtime stories.
In a perfect world chocolate chip cookies wouldn’t burn.
In a perfect world I would be constantly in touch with and aware of my Creator’s hand.
In a perfect world there would be no sorrows, no pain.
But, I don’t live in a perfect world. 
However, I was made for a perfect world.
I was made for a world where I’m always in my Creator’s presence.
I was made for a world where I am known by God and completely know him as well.
I was made for a world where the sun always shines and where there are no more tears.
In short, I was not made for this world.  This world isn’t home.
So until I’m there, in that perfect world; I’ll choose to be content with this glorious-though imperfect world that he’s given me. 
I’ll bask in the rays of the sun, knowing that someday I’ll be with the Son.
I’ll laugh over my children’s antics, knowing that someday laughter and joy will be all I’ll ever know.
And I’ll cry as well, but when I do I’ll remember that one day he will wipe away every tear.

Until then, I’ll always long to be home.


  1. I hear you! ;) Reminds me of a song by Larue - Maybe you've heard it? "Waiting Room"...

    "Time after time, I find myself
    Losing my mind, I have to remind myself
    That this is just a waiting room
    And we're waiting for Your love"

    love that thought - we're not home yet...

  2. I don't want to live in a perfect world............
    The world is just the way it should be....a big school for all of us.

  3. I love what you said, "I'll choose to be content...". That's SO the lesson that God is teaching my right now- just showing me so many areas where I am DIScontent, and ultimately, unsatisfied with the provision and circumstances God has given (or allowed) for me. John Piper once said, "God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him."
    It's hard though... I've got a long way to go.. but I want to get there. Thanks for sharing!


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