Monday, November 30, 2009

Simple Pinecone Garland

My husband knows me well. I guess after ten year of marriage he totally gets that coming home with a truck load of aspen branches, or a trailer full of evergreen clippings, or a garbage can full of pinecones leaves me feeling all twitterpated and goofy inside. Yep, he’s pretty thoughtful. And it also helps tremendously that he’s a lawn care maintenance guy, it makes finding those kinds of treasures pretty easy for him.
So, this time it was pinecones. He spend a day doing yard stuff at grandma’s, and she let him take her beautiful pinecones. Love that.
I also loved that I have a lot of pinecones to work with this year. It took some time, but I finally figured out what to do with them.
I made a garland for the kitchen window. I love how it turned out, even if getting there was a bit of a process.
I’ll tell you how I did it, and I’ll tell you what not to do too.
I used thin hemp jewelry cord, because that’s what I had on hand. I gathered up all my pinecones.
Then I gathered some Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment.
Because pinecones are very sharp. Very, very sharp.
I stared with my first pinecone and tied the cord around it, at the top. Then I let out a bunch of cord, more than I knew I needed. I cut off the cord there. At first I just wrapped the cord around each pinecone, when I was all done I picked it up by the ends and all the pinecones fell to the floor. Oops. I guess a whole bunch of pinecones are pretty heavy.
So then I just tied on the rest of the pinecones until I thought it was long enough. I made a loop, like I was getting ready to tie the cord into a knot.
Then I slipped the pinecone through the loop and tied it up really tight. Once I was done I took them outside and spray painted it silver. Cause sparkly things just look better.
After I hung it up I realized my spacing was totally off. I was hoping for one pinecones one right after the other, but that’s not how it worked out. So I grabbed a bunch of snowflakes and stuck them in between. So far, they haven’t fallen out. If they do I’ll just put a dab of hot glue on the pinecones to hold the snowflakes on.
It looks pretty and sparkly now. But I’m thinking I need to stick up some lights too. What do you think?
Oh, and here’s the cool part: pinecones, we already had; hemp cord, already had that too; Band aids, had those also; and the snowflakes we’ve had for years. So this project did not cost one penny. I really like that!

I’m sharing with Kim at Today’s Creative Blog and Kimba’s DIY day today.


  1. I love that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So cute. I love that you have the snowflakes with the pinecones, it adds some pizazz.

  3. Free, natural crafts are my faves, and this one fits the bill! It looks great against the burlap curtain, I don't know about lights...they might just cheese it up...

  4. That's so simplistically beautiful!

  5. I want this at my house! This is lovely. I love the brown and white colors together.

  6. Totally gorgeous! I have a ton of pine cones sitting in my basement from last year. Now I know what to do with them!!

  7. This is a great idea. The wreath on my door is just evergreens and pinecones with no bows or other decoration. I'm just in that state of mind this season for some reason. I'm wanting to keep things very natural and minimal.

  8. Love it! Hope your fingers recover soon so you can share another great project.

  9. I love your blog....the garland is just beautiful...!

    sandy toe

  10. That garland is so woodsy and fun. I love decorating like that. So cozy and warm. I guess it makes me feel like I am in the woods at Christmas time when really I am by the beach! Helping me pretend.... LOve your blog. Your hair is so cute,by the way. Snazzy!!! :)

  11. I'd never dream of doing that w/pinecones! Congrats for figuring it out. Love the snowflakes too. Really special! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love this! You have great tutorials!

  13. Your blog is darling. I have featured you today on Today's Creative Blog!
    email me for your featured button

  14. This is gorgeous! Love it, and the Starbucks wreath, adorable. I think I'll be following you from now on. I've made some good stuff this year, but wasn't sure what to do with those pinecones until now. :) Blessings!

  15. I love this!!! Almost as much as I love the burlap window treatment behind it:) You have a great blog, looking forward to looking through your archives this weekend!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! Now I know what I can do with all of those bags of pinecones in our backyard! Thanks!

    ~Jen @

  17. I love this idea! I'm totally going to try this when winter rolls around. Found this post on Pinterest and am your newest follower! :)



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