Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Learning

With Thanksgiving just a week away we’ve been taking a break from our regular routine to learn about, you guessed it, Thanksgiving.
We found a few fun books from the library and have exploring what life for the pilgrims was like. I love the book Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation. It tells the story of two kids who travel back in time and gives a bit of history, in a fun way. The kids have been reading it over and over and over. And then reading it to their dad. I expect they’ll be spouting it verbatim by the end of the week.
We’ve also been talking turkey. And making turkey too. We made these cute little pinecone guys yesterday.
Just grab your pinecones, a stack of construction paper, a glue gun, a few hole punches and a glue stick.
Trace the feather shapes onto colored construction paper. I let the kids pick out the colors they wanted.
Have the kids cut out the feathers, punch out different sized holes for eyes, cut out a red blob for the gobbler thing and a beak too.
The kids put the faces together and I hot glued the feathers and face on for them. We got three happy little Tom’s, just as different as the three happy little kids who live here. Notice the Cyclops? Gobble, gobble!


  1. so cute -- we made the soup can turkeys over here - the girls loved them - we may just have to add these to our craft list too!

  2. Those are so cute. Do you think they would travel well? They would be cute on the table!


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