Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Waxed Leaves and the New Cubby

We’ve been busy making stuff around here. This past week we made waxed leaves. I found the idea here, at Clover Lane. The kids all got into it and we were left some beautiful leaves to remember the season. All we did was melt paraffin wax in a disposable pie tin and dip the leaves in. Then we set them on wax paper, that was over newspaper. I melted the wax over our electric griddle, it seemed safer than the open flame of our gas range. And I gotta say, that stuff gets super hot so be extra careful and extra cautious for the safety of your little ones. But, it’s definitely a project we’ll do again.

And then, my sweet husband helped me hang our new cubby. I knew I couldn’t get this one done right all by myself so I waited for him to finish it. I love how it turned out, and it’s been quite handy to hold notes and keys and other random things. I love that it has five little cubbies, one for each of us. Our middle daughter has already taken to leaving her dad love notes in his. You can see the rest of the family is a bit neglected right now. I plan on stenciling some little numbers above each one-someday. And I also plan on leaving some love notes myself.
Remember the before?
I’d say that we improved on this one for sure!
I’m sharing the craftiness with Today’s Creative Blog-head over for some cool craft inspiration.

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  1. Love the cubby makeover!! The leaves turned out well, too - a neat project!


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