Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas Rundown

No snow this year, but we did get loads of freezing fog that left everything white and beautiful.  Couple that with gray skies and we had a the next best thing to snow.  No shoveling required.
Christmas Eve at Grandma’s was filled with laughter and songs and the time honored tradition of a good silly string fight.  We’re pretty sure it wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without it.
christmas collage 
Christmas morning found us lazing around; sipping coffee, eating orange rolls and watching an explosion of wrapping paper and ribbons.  
We topped it off with a beautiful dinner with the best company of family. 

And in keeping up with the traditions of fighting and stuff, an epic Nerf gun battle was staged.  We’re still finding darts here there and everywhere.  I’m pretty sure there’s more than a few lodged in the Christmas tree.
And in it we celebrated the great contrast.  In the amazing collision of heaven and earth we met a baby who was a king, a lion and a lamb, the Father and the Son.  And we can’t look at Christmas without looking forward to Easter and the greatest contrast of all, life from death.  When Christmas is over we don’t forget the greatest gift of all.  The gift of new life in Christ. 
The celebration doesn’t end here, it goes on.

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  1. What fun pictures! It looks like such a good time. I LOVE the NERF gun war idea, LOL.


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